• We Make Positive Social Impact by:

    Providing flexible work opportunities to stay at home moms (and dads!)
    Paying a living wage to our contractors both here and abroad
    Providing talented artisans in remote regions access to US markets
  • We Make Positive Environmental Impact By:

    Recycling and reusing shipping materials in over 50% of our packaging.
    We source products from fair-trade companies and vendors promoting sustainable practices.
  • We have a commitment to serve:

    Designers from the continent through exposure
    Artisans from the continent by creating opportunities for cultural exchange of endangered skillsets
    People of all income levels by providing you with quality goods at a fair price

IDIA Home: Bridging Continents

Today, IDIA Home has grown from a one-person operation into a global trading company. Our mission is not just to make your living spaces beautiful, but also to connect you with the diverse cultures of Africa. We want to introduce the Western world to the amazing design legacy of Africa. We want to bring HOME to your home.

Join us on this exciting journey where we mix creativity, culture, and craftsmanship to make your home feel warm and unique.

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Inspiration: Senegal.

In 2021, Anjel took her first journey to the African continent through Dakar, Senegal. There, she found herself enamored by the harmonious fusion of contemporary and traditional architectural styles. It was on a subsequent trip that she envisioned bringing modern African design to America. Anjel was determined to offer more than the stereotypical African shops in the United States that offered limited items like masks, trinkets, and kente cloth made in Holland. She believed African design should be as trendy as Scandinavian or Mediterranean styles, especially considering the rising prominence of talented African artisans.

During her travels, Anjel found exceptional products she knew people in America would love. So, she decided to create an online store for IDIA Home, alongside her design business.


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